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The Crisis Schools Face

1 in 7 children (6-12) are suffering from tooth pain right now.

Over 51 million school hours are lost each year due to poor dental health.

Over 50% of Children on Medicaid don't regularly see a dentist.

Dental disease is the most common but preventable childhood illness...

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Susie was wonderful to work with in coordinating the visit.

Ilundria Bardwell RN

The Mobile Dentist program continues to impress me every year. The office staff does an amazing job taking care of all the details. The dental team is professional and so easy to work with. They are EXCELLENT with our students. We are so happy about the restorative care that is now available as well. We look forward to your visits. You are making a huge difference in the lives of our students. Thank you!

Joanne Witts, RN District Nurse

We are so fortunate to be able to participate in this much needed program!Thank you.

Sandy Marsh Coordinator

Excellent service and friendly staff! This is a much needed service for our students and we appreciate the care that you provide for our district!

Tina Perry, RN School Nurse

Our Carnell School Family truly appreciate the dental services that you provide to our scholars here at school. Your team work in harmony getting the children screened and then providing the needed services. We hope to continue seeing Mobile Dentist here at Carnell Elementary in the years to come. Thanks much.

Vanessa Faine School Nurse

Excellent as always. Please call in September to set up date for next school year

Kelly A Bernazzoli RN School Nurse

The dentist and the dental staff were very kind, gentle, sweet, and very patience with all our students. They came on time every day and they were very happy to be in our school servicing our students. They were honest, informative, and helpful. They were telling the students step by step what they were going to do before using any of their equipment. They were asking the students if the are any question the children will want to ask.
Their professionalism, patience, and knowledge help the students with their fear. At the end everyone went home with a brand new tooth brush, sticker, and copy of the work that was done in their teeth.
It was a pleasure to have them!!

Ximena Salvador School's Liaison

We appreciate the opportunity to work with the Smile Program. The friendly service that the team provides helps to fill a gap in access to oral health care for children under age 5 in our community.

Katrina Harwood WIC Director, Marion Public Health

Excellent program, excellent staff, keep coming to our schools.

Susan Jessee Registered Nurse

Wonderful program – We hope to get more student participation next year. Very caring staff.

Bonnie Rink Health Aide
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