Smile Programs…the mobile dentists was founded over a decade ago to provide service to those children most in need and with the least chance of accessing quality preventive dental care.

Dental decay is the most common chronic, infectious disease in children and annually. More than 60 percent of all children do not see a dentist annually, demonstrating the need to establish unique and innovative delivery systems. Utilizing up to date technology and fashioning some of our own creative solutions, we now service thousands of schools in over a dozen states annually. We have structured, ongoing strategic partnerships with Detroit Public Schools, Chicago Public Schools, School District of Philadelphia, Boston Public Schools, Baltimore City Public Schools, Indianapolis Public Schools and the Texas Migrant Workers Council, among others.

Our award winning programs have often been highlighted in local newspapers and on broadcast news reports for their success at and commitment to treating underprivileged children.




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In the end, Smile Programs…the mobile dentists is convenient, thorough, child friendly and entirely onsite. For the budget conscious school district and facility, there is NEVER A COST incurred. Smile Programs bills traditional third party payers directly, including Medicaid and private insurance. Where the parents have insufficient resources and do not qualify for insurance, they can choose either to pay a subsidized reduced fee or seek readily available GRANTS for the entire amount. NO CHILD IS EVER TURNED AWAY for lack of resources. It is our mission to treat all children and to treat them equally.

Smile Programs…the mobile dentists remain dedicated to the good health of the students entrusted to their care. Together we can create a better learning environment for those sadly handicapped by their economic circumstances. IN PARTNERSHIP, WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!