We are proud to be affiliated with hundreds of dentists who show their dedication to providing children with healthy smiles every day. These highly educated professionals live and work in the areas they serve.

Simply select your state to see some of the men and women who will put a smile on your children’s faces. If you don’t see a dentist who was at your school, they may be camera shy!

Dr. Semma Abdullah

Dr. Francis Abell

Dr. Syed Ahmed

Dr. Mandana Akbarian Boroojeni

Dr. Amal Al-Fares

Dr. Jennifer Albertus

Dr. Raghad Alwattar

Dr. Tyson Anderson

Dr. Margaret Arnold

Dr. Sameh Arsanious

Dr. Amy Bagley

Dr. Brenda Bailey

Dr. Roxann Baker

Dr. Christopher Baker

Dr. Raquel Baranov

Dr. Eleanor Barnette

Dr. Cindy Bauer

Dr. Dennis Baum

Dr. James Bell

Dr. Peter Bellas

Dr. Claudia Bevan

Dr. Samuel Bever

Dr. Garima Bhalla

Dr. Christopher Bishop

Dr. Stephen Black


Dr. Stephen Black graduated from Boston University School of Dentistry in 1977. He practiced full time in Brockton, MA until he sold his dental business in 2013. “I can now do more community service activities and public health dentistry. Mobile Dentists has been a great fit for me – I can help kids doing what I love!”

Dr. Black’s first love is his family; his wife Barbara of 40 years, and his three sons – Matthew, Andrew, and Keith. He enjoys tennis, golf, biking, skiing, and taking trips with his family. He stays active in Bridgewater by helping out at local food pantries, parklands, and a Community Emergency Response Team organization.

Dr. Leonicia Blue

Dr. Erica Bly-Fish

Dr. Polly Boehnlein

Dr. Emily Booker

Dr. Jamila Boulaalam

Dr. Don Bowman

Dr. Dascher Branch-Elliman

Dr. Andrew Brooks

Dr. Mehravar Brown

Dr. Kamille Brown

Dr. Shawn Bruening

Dr. Ronald Budnick

Dr. Dana Burkett

Dr. Shirley Burt-Chrishon

Dr. Renee Campbell

Dr. Kenneth Carlson

Dr. Marianela Carter

Dr. Wenzell Carter

Dr. Sheila Chang

Dr. Nilam Chauhan

Dr. Evelyn Clark

Dr. Todd Cochran

Dr. Reginald Cole

Dr. Frieda Cooke

Dr. Jennifer Corredor

Dr. Arlene Cotas

Dr. Albert Crush

Dr. Gina Davis

Dr. Valerie Davis

Dr. Charles Deigert


I attended the University of Maryland Dental School. After graduation, I served for 3 years in the United States Navy. After 37 years in private practice I retired in 2017. I enjoy helping our patients have healthy dental habits and seeing their smiling faces. I enjoy playing golf as often as I can with my friends.

Dr. Ricardo Delgado

Dr. Ronald Devuyst

Dr. Nimrat Dhillon

Dr. Arsham Dianat                   

Dr. Malinda Dice-Shah

Dr. Megan DiCostanzo

Dr. Zita Dominicis

Dr. Samuel Domsky


My family has a long tradition of working with children. Both my parents were school teachers, and in the summer they ran day camps for kids, where I worked many summers as a camp counselor. My oldest daughter is a school guidance counselor and my youngest daughter lives in New York and works as a Pediatric Oncology Nurse. Before working with Smile Pennsylvania, I was the school dentist in my township. I enjoy traveling to different schools throughout Pennsylvania along with the talented Smile Pennsylvania staff to help children who otherwise would not get the dental care they desperately need. A fun fact about myself – I wrote comedy for radio shows and performed in a comedy group that did custom fit shows for companies, many in the health care industry.

Dr. Maxine Dove

Dr. Connie Dunn

Dr. Robert Dycman

Dr. Marvin Eady

Dr. Amber Eakle

Dr. Michelle Ebeyer

Dr. Jeffrey Edwards

Dr. Karen Eisenhofer

Dr. Andrew Elkins

Dr. Jillian Ellison

Dr. Nermeen Elnabtity

Dr. Jonathan Fairbanks

Dr. Whitney Fleming

Dr. Irama Forbes

Dr. Andrew Fradkin

Dr. Danielle Franklin

Dr. Sharon Friend

Dr. Amy Gala

Dr. Myrna Gamez

Dr. Lan Gegenheimer

Dr. Judy Gerson


As a senior at Shaker Heights High School, I knew that I wanted to be a dentist, and for my senior project I chose to work at my dentist’s office. I picked dentistry because I like to work with my hands, and I enjoy its combination of art and science. I help people chew better, speak with confidence, and look better with a nice healthy smile. I was the first woman dentist in Solon and had my own office there for 18 years. I am the proud mother of 3 grown up daughters and in my free time I like to knit, read, travel, and take my dog, Cleo, for a walk.

Dr. Katrina Go

Dr. Rachel Goad

Dr. Timothy Gould


Dentistry is a large part of my family history. My grandfather started his dental practice in 1920. My father began in 1950, and I began in 1981. My brother and sister are also both in the field. I graduated from Grove City College for undergrad, and the University of Pittsburgh for dental school. I completed my residency at Montefiore Hospital. Working for Smiles Programs directly fulfills my purpose for working in dentistry. My interests have always been to help people who have limited access to receiving quality dental care.

Dr. Genevieve Graves-Appiah

Dr. Ginger Grieco

Dr. Daria Grillo

Dr. Lindsey Gross

Dr. Sara Grossi

Dr. Ankur Gupta

Dr. Nisha Gupta

Dr. Neha Gupta

Dr. Laura Gushue

Dr. Rebecka Haats

Dr. Corrine Hacker

Dr. Robert Hales

Dr. Yangsook Han

Dr. Alan Handler

Dr. Saman Hasan

Dr. Dexter Haywood

Dr. Paul Hillis

Dr. Ginly Hilton

Dr. Harry Hom

Dr. Paul Hood

Dr. Joseph Hughey

Dr. Shirley Hui

Dr. Peri Irwin

Dr. Stephen Isberg

Dr. Cynthia Iseman

Dr. Naomi Jacobs

Dr. Jennifer Jesko

Dr. Jeffrey Johnson

Dr. Anu Jolly-Young

Dr. Leland Jung

Dr. Deborah Kahn

Dr. William Kaplan

Dr. Boltz Karyn

Dr. Steven Kasiborski

Dr. Albert Kaspor


“I’ve had 31 years of family practice and have always enjoyed relating to the children. It’s my honor and privilege to provide to your children the best that preventative dentistry has to offer with the convenience of service at their schools.”

Dr. Jasmin Kaur

Dr. Sofia Kavakoglou

Dr. Debra Kennedy

Dr. Julie Kern-Anderson

Dr. Mohammad Khaleghi


I am a general dentist in the city of Los Angeles and I completed my dental education at the University of Southern California. I became a dentist because I enjoy both the Art and Science in the field. Furthermore, I enjoy patient interaction and providing care when needed. I joined Big Smiles because I enjoy working with the pediatric population and find it extremely rewarding. During my free time I enjoy spending time with friends and family. Some of my hobbies include traveling, playing sports, hiking, going to the movies and relaxing by the beach. A fun fact about me is I make animal noises.

Dr. Bum Kim

Dr. Mary Lynn King

Dr. Sonia Kumar

Dr. Sheila Lam

Dr. Jeffrey Laubmeier

Dr. Jack Lawrence

Dr. Eric Lazar

Dr. Kyoung Lee

Dr. Howard Levinson

Dr. Samuel Lin

Dr. Stacy Love

Dr. Irais Lozano

Dr. Yolanda Lozano

Dr. Kenneth Lu

Dr. Patricia Mack

Dr. Mitisha Martin

Dr. Kevin Massarelli

Dr. Robert Maxwell

Dr. Stephen Mayo

Dr. Jonise McDaniel

Dr. Scott McGuire

Dr. Janice McVay

Dr. Szewczyk Michelle

Dr. Afrooz Moghadam

Dr. Marianne Molfetas

Dr. Harry Monastersky

Dr. Carolina Moura


I always knew I wanted to be a dentist. My father was a dentist and I loved working at his office. I saw how much he helped people and how he was able to change lives by giving people the smiles they always wanted. I’m married with 3 young boys. They are so fun and such a handful. They make me tired and grateful and fill my life with joy. I love backpack hiking up in the mountains.

Dr. John Mustian

Dr. Samia Naeem

Dr. Padmalatha Navubothu

Dr. Miroszlav Nemet DMD


I am 2001 graduate of Temple University School of Dentistry. I have been interested in dentistry from a very young age, and hopefully my interaction with the kids will inspire a whole new generation of future dentists and the development of lifelong good oral health.

Dr. Michelle Nguyen

Dr. Nhuha Nguyen

Dr. An Ngoc Nguyen-Wong

Dr. Pamela Nordland

Dr. Courtenay Olney


My story is a long one with adventures, historical events, famous and infamous people. I am a graduate of the Citadel in South Carolina and The University of Louisville School of Dentistry. I am married to a wonderful wife with three terrific kids (all finally married) and two fantastic grandchildren, so far. I served with distinction and honor as an officer in the United States Marine Corps, but I grew weary of not being with my family, so I left the Corps to become a dentist at the suggestion of a family member who was a dentist himself. I established a solo general practice in Bowling Green, KY where I have lived the last 30 years and have the remembrance of treating the rich and the poor, young and old alike. I helped establish and work two free dental clinics in my city and worked there for a time. I have been a leader in my state’s dental service in which I headed or was a member of key committees in my society. I also acted as a speaker at many clubs and organizations and helped develop an anti-smokeless tobacco campaign for the state. I really enjoyed presenting dental education every year for the local schools and had a great time talking and interacting with the kids of all ages. I closed my practice after 26 years and went to Wisconsin to help one of the Indian tribes there but was asked to work in another dental corporation where I stayed until I recently left this past summer. I was then recruited by Big Smiles and found I really enjoy this job more than all my previous others. I love working with the children and feel like I am part of a long showing of “Kids Say the Darndest Things”. I am committed to doing well and serving each of our State’s school needs with energy and joy! Fun Facts About Myself – I was awarded a medal by the Marine Corps for saving the life a spouse who tried to commit suicide following the notification of her husband’s death from the Beirut Bombing and I helped her recover to a normal life. I had the opportunity to sing with the “Robert Shaw Chorale” and I was a keynote speaker at the return of one of the Iranian hostages.

Dr. Lucy Opris

Dr. Essence Page


Dr. Page graduated form USC School of Dentistry in 2012. She then served as a Captain in the United States Army with her retirement in 2016. She has been working with Big Smiles ever since. Dr. Page became a dentist to help underserved populations and ensure quality dental care is available to everyone. When Dr. Page isn’t drilling and filling, she does pilates and cycling. She loves good food, music and exploring Los Angeles. Dr. Page comes from a large family and is the middle child of 3 boys and 3 girls.

Dr. Sukham Panag

Dr. Sumit Parhar

Dr. Shreyasi Parikh

Dr. Mangala Patil-Holt

Dr. Deena Pegler

Dr. Dennis M Petricoin DDS


“In my 47 years practicing dentistry, treating these young children has been the most rewarding and satisfying experience. It is my privilege to be part of this fantastic program.”

Dr. Jeffrey Phillip

Dr. Sylva Piltch

Dr. Ashlyn Price

Dr. Vincy Punnoose

Dr. Nisar Qamruddin

Dr. Azeem Qureshi

Dr. Manisha Ramchandani

Dr. Cathy L. Rearden


Dr. Rearden is a native Philadelphian, and a 25 year retired CAPTAIN of the United States Navy. Dr. Rearden received her BA in Biology from Lincoln University in Pennsylvania and DDS degree from Meharry Medical College in Nashville, TN. Dr. Rearden is a flutist, African djembe drummer, and loves line dancing. She has traveled extensively throughout the United States, Caribbean, Europe, and Africa. Dr. Rearden resides in Chesapeake, Virginia with her adult son and daughter and adorable granddaughter.

Dr. Janine Reed

Dr. Collin Reid

Dr. V Eugene Reisinger

Dr. Maria Revilla

Dr. Derrik Richard

Dr. Melissa Rodgers

Dr. Crystal Rodriguez

Dr. Ghazal Rokhsar

Dr. Kathleen Rolfes

Dr. Julie Rosenfield

Dr. Jana Rubanyi

Dr. Janet Rucker

Dr. Thomas Runco

Dr. Panna Ruparel

Dr. Thomas Ruzicka

Dr. Christopher Ryba

Dr. Anna Sales

Dr. Deniz Salierno

Dr. Rita Salwan

Dr. Roger Sandoval

Dr. Joan Santiago

Dr. Elliot Schlang

Dr. Laney Schuman-Boys

Dr. Cara Scott

Dr. Bakhtawar Shafqat

Dr. Virendra Shah

Dr. Laila Shams

Dr. Ira Sharma

Dr. Jeffrey Shaw

Dr. Anthony Silvestro

Dr. Tiffany Simmons

Dr. Bethany Small

Dr. Joseph Smith

Dr. Leah Spiegel

Dr. Amanda Springer

Dr. Barry Stein

Dr. Kevin Stock

Dr. Fa Sun

Dr. Heather Surratt

Dr. Roland Swann

Dr. Barton Swarr

Dr. Erica Tam

Dr. Harry Tatoian

Dr. Lisa Tiberi

Dr. Trang To

Dr. Sylvia Tozbikian

Dr. Lauren Trancik

Dr. Antigoni Tsamparlis

Dr. Gayatri Varanasi

Dr. Gerald Verderbar

Dr. Richard Vogel

Dr. Leslie Wahl

Dr. Jennifer Waller-Smith

Dr. William Walls

Dr. Campbell Walters

Dr. Jennifer Wang

Dr. Wan-Jou Renee Wang

Dr. Linda-Brenda Wansi

Dr. Lauren Weber

Dr. Gary Weiss

Dr. Rebecca Werner

Dr. Bethany Whitaker

Dr. Dewain Whitmore

Dr. James Williams

Dr. Carol Wilson

Dr. Jolene Wise

Dr. Edis Wu

Dr. Helen Yeung

Dr. Sang Yu

Dr. Mona Zaky

Dr. John Zatko

Dr. Ron Zeidler


Dr. Zeidler is an experienced, skilled dentist providing state-of-the-art care to patients throughout the Los Angeles area. Born in Israel, Dr. Zeidler emigrated in 1972 with his parents and younger sister, settling in the Los Angeles area. After graduating from University High School in West Los Angeles in 1979, Dr. Zeidler went on to receive his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Southern California (USC) in 1984. With his undergraduate degree under his belt, Dr. Zeidler knew just what his next step would be: He would follow in the footsteps of his parents and grandparents, all of whom enjoyed careers in medicine and dentistry. In 1989, Dr. Zeidler graduated from the Tufts University School of Dental Medicine in Boston, Massachusetts. Between 1990 to 1997, Dr. Zeidler served as an assistant professor on the faculty at USC’s Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry’s Department of Periodontology. Dr. Zeidler opened his own general private dental practice, Zeidler & Zeidler Dental Group INC. in Century City on the west side of Los Angeles in 1990 and has been practicing ever since. Zeidler & Zeidler Dental Group, specialized in cosmetic, reconstructive and implant dentistry. Currently we are very privileged to have Dr. Ron Zeidler join our team as we strive to provide the best care available today. In addition to providing top-quality care to his patients, Dr. Zeidler has currently joined the faculty of the UCLA School of Dentistry and is participating in community outreach programs, offering dental care as a volunteer dentist at the Los Angeles Free Clinic (Saban Community Clinic), and for underserved children in the Los Angeles Area. Throughout his career, Dr. Zeidler has remained dedicated to helping his patients get the best dental care possible in an office equipped with the latest technology and using the most advanced techniques. Patient care, comfort and quality are his top priorities. When not helping patients achieve the healthiest teeth and gums possible, Dr. Zeidler enjoys music, skiing, travel, windsurfing and auto racing. He also enjoys spending time with his family in Sherman Oaks, including his four daughters, Zoe, Mia, Ava and Noa.

Dr. Amir Zolfaghari

Dr. Viacheslav Zoubstov